Explore ideas without the pressure or expense of a cast or crew

Now it’s easy to turn your computer into a virtual film studio with Emmy® Award-Winning FrameForge® software – and there are no drawing, animation, or special computer skills required!

  • Design your set and work in an optically accurate, true-to-scale, 3D virtual space 
  • Use your own set or location images, or choose from thousands of supplied textures
  • Insert 76 fully posable and customizable actors in over 200 full or partial poses
  • Output unique, Data-Rich Storyboards™ that become the blueprint for your shoot. They can include reports on equipment, visible actors, automatic measurements, shot and script notes, full camera information, and more!
  • Control your virtual camera exactly as you would your real one: Zoom, pan/tilt, dolly, crane and roll it
  • Upgrade to Pro and you can add real-world physical cameras and support equipment   
  • Upgrade to Pro and you can incorporate multiple lighting sources

Plus, with your choice of 8 Expansion Packs, you’ll be able to enhance your storyboard even further. Choose from: 

  • Emergency Response: Adds 200+ relevant actors and objects
  • Military: Adds 125+ relevant actors and objects
  • Crime & Justice: Adds 70+ relevant actors and objects
  • NEW! Apocalypse: Add 125+ beautifully destroyed objects
  • Reel Faces: Adds 250+ more actors in 5 ethnicites
  • World Clothing: Adds 83 ethnic and period costumes
  • Stock Sets: Adds 60+ dressed sets, and 250 other objects
  • 19th Century Props: Adds 80+ quality and relevant objects

Expect More from your Storyboards™

As a filmmaker, the challenge isn’t how to draw the best storyboard, but rather how to plan and organize shots to ensure you have the most productive time on set.

When you use FrameForge to prepare your storyboards, you’re doing more than just getting your visual ideas out on paper — you’re effectively directing and shooting the film before you ever spend a dime.

Let FrameForge change your definition of a storyboard