The Surprise

Mike van Diem, Academy Award® winning director

After my experience using FrameForge 3D on many commercials, I was keen to use the program during pre-production for my feature film THE SURPRISE.

I used FrameForge3D to extensively pre-visualize scenes that looked like technical challenges and thus keep ‘surprises’ on the set to a minimum…

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Mark Kolpack, Emmy® Nominated VFX Supervisor

The pilot episode was directed and co-written by Joss Whedon.

Since I had not worked with him prior to this project, I needed to find a visual shorthand with him in order to get the VFX demands of the project quickly and clearly across since time is never an option in television.

That is where FrameForge Previz Studio became a huge help to me.

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David Evans, Emmy® Nominated Director

I had built the entire Downton Abbey ‘below stairs’ set inside FrameForge, using the measurements from art dept’s technical drawings – it was easy to set out the spaces, furnish them and position doors, windows and traps accurately to allow for camera positions and sight-lines that I knew would correspond perfectly to the set on the shoot day

I used this virtual set extensively on all four episodes of the show that I did – it was a great solution to busy scenes with lots of camera and character movement – It meant that I worked fast, and I could give clear notes to a large number of actors , all thanks to my previz…

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Steeven Petitteville 2

Steeven Petitteville, Cinematographer

FrameForge has been one of the most important tools for me when shooting on set. Its evolution and constant upgrades just make the software better and better, and it allows me to answer a lot of questions like how far do you need the wall? How high do we need to paint? Are you sure we need the whole cyclorama to be painted?

It’s great to be sure of your answers, and to be able to show the other departments on a simple graphic why or what you have in mind.

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art & love

James Tucker, Director / Producer

When I heard about your new program FrameForge Previz Studio, I looked into it and decided to give it a try.

As I discovered what the software could do, I was truly amazed at the power and control it gave me over my pre-production planning, storyboarding and my directing plans.

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About Poster

VW Scheich, Award-Winning Writer/Director

I cannot imagine having done About, my first feature film, without FrameForge Previz Studio.

Well, I mean I can imagine it; it’s just not a pretty picture.

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Black Jesus Series on Adult Swim

Mike Clattenburg, Gemini Award-Winning Writer/Director

As a director, FrameForge 3D has been invaluable to me on Trailer Park Boys TV Series and feature films.

I’ve also used it on pilots, commercials, studio multi-cam, episodic TV and now use it regularly on the Adult Swim series Black Jesus.

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